Desiree Grobstein, Anatomy

E-RYT 200, YACEP, LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist)


Desiree is based in Phoenix, Arizona and has been guiding yoga students for over a decade. She is best known for her natural feel and understanding of the human body. Her classes are playful, challenging, authentic, unapologetic and original. When Desiree teaches you can feel her heart shine through!


What does Living Yoga mean to me and how do I practice living yoga?

Yoga is like breathing. Always in action. Constant. Always connected. There is this plasticity to the practice that is life. The ability to shift, to be molded, to evolve. There are moments in life when we may hold our breath or breathe faster or slower yet the breath stays constant. In life we may have moments where we experience doubt, anger and frustration. Moments we may not feel connected to who we are yet the practice of yoga stays constant. Always present. Awake. Alive.


What lights me up and excites me most when I'm teaching?

Authenticity. They way I am blessed to witness people having their own unique experience and really being in sync with their own rhythms. I love watching people truly “show up” and sometimes even surprising themselves. ♥️