Karl Anderson, Trainer

E-RYT 200, RYT 500

I come from a very athletic background and also played basketball throughout college.  Movement is something I have always been drawn to simply because I think it’s FUN to move! I played every sport you could think of for fun.

I found yoga in 2011 when I walked into a class at LA fitness looking to add flexibility to my very stiff body. As with many people who begin yoga obsessed with the physical benefits a yoga practice offers, I quickly began to notice the mental shift in perspective that yoga provided me. Noticing this mental shift made me realize I wanted to know more.

My first training was a 200hr Vinyasa based program that opened my eyes to the vast world of yoga. I completed the training in the summer 2015 and followed it up the next summer with a level II 300hr training in Thailand in 2016.

I am a true believer that whatever it is you do in life, living yoga will help you do it better. Influenced by many of my teachers and peers, my aim is to intertwine my knowledge of anatomy and alignment of asanas with the philosophy and spirituality of yoga to give my students a profound experience.


What does Living Yoga mean to me and how do I practice living yoga?

Living yoga to me means being absolutely present in the here and now. For me, movement and asana are the ‘vehicle’ which allows me to be ‘here’ and not ‘there’. By putting myself in uncomfortable situations, I have no choice but to be present. Understanding this idea of total presence on the mat has helped bring more presence into everything I do off of the mat.


What lights me up and excites me most when I'm teaching?

I am truly fascinated by our bodies and how they work. Sharing my love for anatomy and teaching the ‘why’ behind basic movements is what excites me most while I am teaching.