Shelby, Lawson, AFFA


Shelby Lawson is a Body Positive Coach and the founder and director of BloomFit Training, a company that trains fitness professionals on the topics of body positivity and inclusivity in fitness. She discovered her love for helping others live happier and healthier lives at Arizona State University where she began teaching group fitness and personal training six years ago. Shelby has made it her mission to make the fitness world more body positive and inclusive, and wants to promote the message that fitness is movement for a happy mind and a healthy body, not punishment for what you ate or what you look like.


What does Living Yoga mean to me and how do I practice living yoga?

Living yoga means taking the breathing and mindfulness that I practice on the mat into my life off the mat. I practice mindfulness and breathing because it helps me feel happier and grounded in my life. Living yoga in my day to day life looks like taking deep breaths when I’m sitting in traffic, or being aware of all of the sensations of a beautiful moment with my friends or loved ones. It also looks like practicing compassion towards myself and others, and working towards non attachment so I can flow with the winds of change. Living Yoga to me means living fully, constantly growing, and always coming back to the love I can find within myself.


What lights me up and excites me most when I'm teaching?

My favorite part about teaching is seeing people challenge themselves. I strongly believe that the practice of trying, and failing, and trying again in the studio strengthens our resilience to take on whatever challenges we face outside of the studio. The look of accomplishment and pride on people’s faces when they try something they didn’t think they could do is magical!!